Webloons – We help to you to become bigger
Webloons – We accelarate you to become bigger

One time Investment,

Lifetime returns

Invest in

Inventory Investment

Subcription Pre-booking investment

Store Investment

Startup investment

Inventory Investment

Invest in inventory with minimum investment of 10,000 INR

There are two formats for you

1. Either you can buy by yourself or
2. We will buy and share purchase price with you.

We will sale it in our stores and target sale for month is 60% of inventory.
after one month you can reinvest or collect the rest of the products and close.

Subscription Pre-booking Investment

1. Limited time period investment, only at the time of opening of new store.
2. You have to supply and sell your products within a month.
3. You can't sell your products in more than the prize we have decided.

Store Invest

1. Store investment is for store establishment.
2. Total investment for a store will be 20 Lakhs.
3. Payment base will be monthy.

Startup Investment

Invest in product based start up which are in MVP and growth stage.

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